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How Travelling Can Improve Mental Health

People face all kinds of stresses in their daily life. Be it from personal relationships, work-related matters, etc., travelling can be an excellent source of pleasure and relaxation.

Travelling locally or internationally can open all kinds of opportunities for people. More importantly, it can educate you on new cultures, traditions, languages, art, literature, etc. New locations and beautiful surroundings can immensely lift your mood and make you feel mentally stronger.

1. It Gives You the Opportunity to Meet New People

Travelling locally or internationally can help you meet new people from all walks of life. Not only does it help make better connections and networks, but it also combats the monotony of everyday life.

Such opportunities can expose you to a variety of different cultures, cuisines, arts, literature, customs, and traditions that you may have been unfamiliar with earlier. Learning about other people and their life can increase your empathy and reduce preconceived biases, negative opinions, etc.

Travelling makes you more tolerant towards different environments and attitudes. The opportunity to make new friends and mingle with people from all parts of the world can open a range of new possibilities for you.

2. Travel Activities Can Help Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Hiking, skiing, trekking, camping, etc., are all exercises and thrilling activities that can help rejuvenate you and remove negative emotions. As you explore the many wonders of nature, you will find yourself feeling refreshed and free of daily emotional restraints.

People who take the time to appreciate the natural world and practice mindfulness feel a lot more relaxed, hopeful, and upbeat. You are not only taking a break from work stresses, but also emotional stresses that may keep you from feeling your absolute best.

Whether it is climbing a hill, swimming in the ocean, exploring little corners of the wilderness, or camping near a beach, these activities are bound to make you feel hopeful and full of calmness.

3. It Improves Your Perspective and Outlook on Life

Travelling to a new, unfamiliar location can really change your perspective and outlook on life for the better. If you are stressed or disillusioned by the monotony of your routine, then going for a trip to a new environment can help shed off the load from your shoulders and you can enjoy being in a new location with new people around you.

Taking a spontaneous trip can also lift your mood considerably and help improve your productivity at work when you return.

4. It Boosts Creativity and Drives You to Do Better

One of the greatest advantages of traveling is how it boosts creativity and fills you with new motivation and inspiration that you can channel into your work and other activities.

Immersing yourself in a brand-new environment and taking the time to meet new people can improve your ability to think on a deeper level. Additionally, it increases your cognitive flexibility.

If you are an artist, you may find new sources of inspiration when you travel. Whatever you do for a living, you will find yourself feeling a lot more confident and creative when dealing with everyday stresses.

5. It Gives You a Purpose and a Sense of Fulfillment

When you travel to a new location, you will come across numerous local businesses that are selling handmade crafts, locally produced food, clothing, souvenirs, and other attractions. Spending money to support these businesses can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Many locations around the world are dependent on small local businesses for their livelihood. Helping them by purchasing from them, or even recommending them to friends or family on social media for if they ever plan to visit, can greatly benefit local small businesses.

Purchasing locally made handicrafts or souvenirs can help millions if not more who rely on this sector for livelihood. Additionally, you can even volunteer to help with a local organization. This will give you a feeling of immense joy and fulfillment.

6. It Fulfills Your Needs for Love and Belonging

Travelling with friends and family can be a real treat! There is nothing better than sharing traveling experiences with your loved ones. It helps meet your need for affection, support, and belonging.

Not only do you enjoy quality time with your favorite people, but you also get a chance to make long-lasting memories around new locations and participating in different adventures. A family holiday on a beautiful island or a camping trip in the wilderness with your kids is surely to make you feel rejuvenated and happy.

6 European Beaches You Should Give A Try

You kick off your slippers and open the parasol. Quickly take off your t-shirt, because you can already hear the murmuring call of the sea. Time for a first dive! Then dry in the sun. What a hard life we ​​have… Everyone loves it: the beach! In all sizes: large, wide, small, narrow and in all colors: white, yellow, brown and… black! Don’t know (yet) which beach in Europe? To get you in the mood and give you a helping hand, we have listed the 6 most beautiful beaches in Europe for you.

1.       Zlatni Rat (Croatia)

The Golden Horn of Croatia is one of the most unique beaches in the world. Due to the current, wind and waves, the golden-yellow pebble beach changes shape continuously and it is also always windless on one side of the island. Is it getting too hot? Then take a dip in the clear, azure blue sea water. There is no shortage of shade, because the many pine trees at the foot of the beach offer enough shade. Zlatni Rat is a perfect beach to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, at the same time there are plenty of water sports options for the active beach goers among us.

2.       Plage de Saleccia (Corsica)

Found it! A hidden beach gem in the north of Corsica: a kilometer of fine sandy beach, crystal clear, calmly lapping sea water and dunes with the marquis bushes typical of Corsica. It is a pleasure to enjoy nothing here but the rhythmic murmur of the sea and the soft sound of the wind. If you are looking for a quiet, spacious, untouched beach, Plage de Saleccia is definitely in the right place. However, you first have to take a long car ride for that, because the beach is difficult to reach. But that route leads through beautiful, unspoilt, Corsican nature, that is.

3.       Navagio Beach (Greece)

Greece’s beauty is Navagio Beach on Zakynthos which you would find a perfect place for taking your nature aesthetic pictures. A genuine paradise is hidden amid towering and steep granite cliffs. Snow-white beach, pure blue sea, and a picturesque setting combine to create an amazing and welcoming resort. Today, the beautiful bay is literally overrun by tourists, as Navagio Beach is only accessible by boat. In the past, smugglers made good use of this. The stranded shipwreck and the nickname ‘Smugglers Cove’ are reminders of these days gone by. Tip: avoid the crowds and enjoy a magnificent view from above.

4.       Luskentyre – Isle of Harris (Scotland)

Okay, this is not a beach for sunbathing, because even in summer the mercury doesn’t reach a pleasant temperature. But, nevertheless, we do not want to withhold from you Luskentyre Beach, because this beach is beautiful and well worth a visit. The coastline is so wide and wide, and the clear, blue sea just doesn’t seem to get any deeper. Further offshore are small rocky islands bobbing in the sea, reminiscent of the Scottish landscape. The combination of the soft yellow sand and subtle, beautiful sea on one side and the wide, wild Scottish landscape on the other is unique, which is why Luskentyre Beach is definitely in our top 6.

5.       Reynisfjara Beach (Iceland)

Reynisfjara Beach is proof that a beach doesn’t have to be tropical to be beautiful. The imposing basalt columns guard the black coastline, where the waves of the Atlantic roar. Legend has it that the basalt columns were once trolls who tried to drag ships from the sea onto land. Once the tide suddenly came and the trolls were not back on land in time. The flood overtook them and turned the trolls into hard stones. Today Reynisfjara Beach is known as the most beautiful beach in Iceland. Rightly so. There is no other beach like Reynisfjara, where nature has created such a mighty and rugged headland as here.

6.       Ksamil Beach (Albania)

Beach in Albania? Of course! You may not expect it, but Albania also has a real Riviera. And why not, the sea is beautiful, the beaches inviting and the surroundings beautiful. Ksamil Beach in the south of Albania definitely belongs on this list. This unique beach is surrounded by greenery and several islands. An island is within swimming distance of the coast, where you can recover from your swim. Take a look back every now and then and enjoy the beautiful view of the Albanian coast. Back on land you can then take in the magnificence of the beach.

Bottom Line

Europe is beautiful. You will find the most beautiful bays here, where you can relax. Also, as on the other Canary Islands, there are elongated, lively coastlines with restaurants and bars within easy reach. And last but not least: Europe also offers places where you go especially to admire its beauty.

What Makes Foreign Travel Easier Nowadays

Traveling locally and internationally has become a lot more convenient and effortless nowadays, thanks to the many technological advancements that make the tedious visa application processes, ticket booking, etc., a lot quicker.

Today, tourists can easily search for relevant information about their destination online from exploring the best sights, picking, and comparing hotels, booking tickets, reading people’s advice, and the list of items they should take along with them.

People can plan their own itineraries, use their smartphones to contact travel agents, and chart sightseeing on their online phone maps. The development in technology has made it all incredibly simple and even more fun.

1. Easier Accessibility and Increased Connectivity

Back in the day, reaching certain tour destinations took time, money, and effort. Some locations were simply impossible to get to but with the rapid technological advancements in the past two decades, such locations are easily accessible to tourists.

Quality bridges, better roads, more airports, etc., have all contributed to easy accessibility. Most places can also be accessed through the local train, subway, or tube which costs very little and is always comfortable for passengers.

Nowadays, you can book a luxury flight to any corner of the world and enjoy sights and views that were once only a mystery.

More importantly, technology has also increased connectivity. You can easily access your Google maps wherever you are, in case you are lost or are trying to find a particular location to visit.

GPS systems and data connections allow tourists to use their smartphone’s internet facilities at any moment and share their experiences on social media platforms. Tourists can also share live locations with their loved ones for safety purposes.

A more well-connected world has not only made traveling to foreign lands easier but also incredibly fun and safer. You can communicate with your travel agents, friends, family, etc. You can update your social media or even work remotely with internet roaming facilities.

2. Better Internet Access Allows Easier Travelling

Data connections and roaming facilities can be incredibly useful when traveling abroad thanks to the rapid development of internet services.

The world we live in today is a global village. You can explore several destinations, tour sites, delicacies, restaurants, historical monuments, famous streets, shopping malls, etc., no matter where you are in the world.

In fact, you can even go on a virtual tour through Google Earth and see the tour destination for yourself to understand the climate and geographical details just by sitting on your couch and scrolling through your smartphone.

The internet allows you to contrast hotels, compare prices, plan the perfect itinerary, or purchase plane tickets without standing in long queues.

With roaming activated on your phones in a foreign country, you can use your social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can broadcast live vlogs on YouTube and share with your friends and family.

You can also work remotely in case there is an emergency, and you will be able to stay in touch with everyone. All this is possible with the progression of the internet.

3. Global Positioning System (GPS) Helps with Navigation

One of the most convenient tools that tourists can benefit from while traveling is the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS applications on computers or smartphones can help you navigate through cities, towns, villages, and even remote areas.

Instead of going somewhere and spending weeks getting to know the location, you can do that before leaving from the comfort of your home. You can check street by street and even shortlist the best places to see without the help of manual maps and compasses. With a few taps on your smart screen, you can navigate around with absolute ease.

4. E-tickets, Plastic Money, Credit/Debit Cards Make It Easy to Shop

Safe, compact, and easy to keep, e-tickets, plastic money, credit, and debit cards are a blessing for tourists who are visiting foreign countries.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, paperless tickets that can be scanned using barcodes on your phone have completely altered the way we travel. It is safer and there are fewer chances of losing your ticket.

Carrying cash can also be a massive stress, especially if it can be stolen at any point. Instead, credit/debit cards are much easier to carry and use, even when you are traveling internationally. With cash, you may have to exchange it for the local currency first. Debit or credit cards can be used at most international banks for cash withdrawal and for payments.

If you accidentally lose your credit or debit cards, you can contact your bank and have them blocked so strangers do not have access to your money. Whereas stolen money cannot be returned or safeguarded immediately. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Booking a Hotel Room for an International Trip

As exciting as it is to plan a trip abroad with family, friends, or even solo, there are numerous things to plan beforehand. One of those things is deciding the right hotel for the duration of your stay.

A good hotel will provide all necessary amenities, access to nearby lounges, malls, cinemas, restaurants, parks, cafes, etc. CEO of Blade Urban Air Mobility, Rob Wiesenthal, believes that planning plays a vital role in ensuring that your trip is a fun and successful one. Getting stuck at the wrong hotel may just be enough reason for a terrible trip, but there is no reason to fret!

We have combined a list of things you should consider when selecting a hotel that enhances your experience and makes your trip a memorable one.

1. Pick an Accessible Location

While it is indeed important to book a resort that you can get to without much hassle, it is equally important to find a hotel that provides you access to nearby facilities.

If you are stuck on the outskirts of a city or in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest hospital or airport, you may not have the grandest of times. After all, it is perfectly normal to fall sick in the first few days of travel due to jet lag, or food poisoning, etc.

Travelling to a new place can come with all sorts of issues but so long as you have access to a hospital and other important locations, you should be fine. A hotel that does not provide you access to the local police station, hospital, restaurants, etc., can really sour your travelling experience.

We recommend always doing a quick Google search and assessing the location of hotels in the city. If your itinerary has been finalized, then it is better to pick a hotel that is centrally located and easily accessible from the airport.

Make sure that interesting locations and tourist attractions are in proximity to the hotel, especially if you are travelling with children. You can also print or purchase a copy of the town’s map and plan your day’s adventures ahead so you can save on time and travelling expenses.

2. Plan According to Budget

When you are going abroad for a vacation, you want to pamper yourself and stay at the nicest destinations, overlooking the starry sky and the cerulean ocean. However, that may not always be possible, especially if you are travelling on a budget.

We cannot all travel and live like celebrities, so you may want to budget and plan to avoid any inconveniences. Consider your pocket when booking the right resort and ask yourself if you would be able to afford the room for as long as you plan to stay there and whether it means you would have to skip on adventures and experiences.

This certainly does not mean that you should ever compromise on important facilities and amenities. With a little research, you can find a place that is well within your budget and also includes value added services such as laundry, room service, complimentary drinks, etc.

3. Always Compare

The internet has many advantages and with just a few taps you can compare hotels, price packages, availability of amenities, location, and views, etc., between your hotel options.

We recommend making maximum use of applications and online platforms that provide detailed reviews and critiques by previous guests. You can get a fair idea of what to expect, the various pros and cons of staying at certain resorts, and where you can find the best value for your money.

You can even post questions on various online forums where others can leave useful advice or upload pictures to give you a taste of what to expect.

4. Amenities, Hygiene, and Safety Considerations

All hotels are safe for visitors, but it is still advised to be cautious when you are travelling alone in a foreign country. It is important to check if your rooms are couple-friendly or not and if you are travelling with family, check if the number of people can be easily accommodated in the rooms provided.

Necessary amenities such as toiletries, kettles, blankets, pillows, duvet covers, phone lines, air conditioning or heating systems, Wi-Fi, etc., are a significant part of the hotel package. These are the basic minimum facilities every hotel should provide so that your trip goes smoothly.

Check review websites and online sources for people’s experiences and whether the hotel hygiene levels were up to mark. People often post pictures of their rooms to show any flaws or even additional compliments by the hotel staff.

5. Access to Public Transportation

When picking the right hotel for your trip abroad, select one that provides easy access to bus stations, railways stations, airports, subways, etc. Having public transport close to you is essential if you are planning on exploring and adventuring around town. More importantly, it provides access to other facilities nearby such as malls, pharmacies, tourist attractions, etc. 

Reasons Why One Should Study Abroad


Everyone likes to travel and when it comes to a different country it is an entirely different experience that any person, under any circumstances, should not miss out on but travelling to study abroad is an altogether different experience. Many people contemplate studying abroad but back out for a lot of reasons but why not do it? Go travel the world while getting a degree and start earning out of it. So there are reason why a person should always take up on the opportunity to travel abroad:

Diverse  Education

Learning and getting education from a foreign country will open new horizons of information for you. Their education structure may be miles ahead of yours and the influx of information would be amazing and one to hold on to. The teaching mechanisms may be something you have never been exposed to before in your native country. 

Choosing a good school/institution is of utmost importance and the program of your liking will always obviously be a superior experience. 

Gives You Independence

Universities and colleges already offer the opportunity to grow personally and professionally but one should never miss out to go out and travel to another country and study there. Once you’re all on your own in a foreign land, you’re in the driving seat and you get to control where to go from here. It is common practice for university students abroad to fend for themselves and find accommodation, navigate through a land unknown to you with a language not native to you. These things will let you realize that you are really ‘adulting’ through life now. All these new experiences and changes will give you self-confidence and self-assurance like no other. 

Able To Absorb the Culture

Studying abroad gets you to meet different people who come from different countries, speak different languages, their beliefs, cultures, religion and ethnicities are different from you and meeting them, getting to know them will make you understanding and more accepting towards people because then you see them as people and sitting miles away in another country does not do what meeting the in real life and experiencing what it’s like in real time does. It changes your perspective on a lot of things and you tend to go with an ‘it is what it is’ attitude instead of a ‘why and how’ on many things that come your way. 

These experiences cannot be taught in a textbook or in a classroom, you learn them through life as it happens before you. Not just learn about different cultures but you could also teach a thing or two about your own to other people. Cross-cultural communication is vital and being able to engage in diversity is always high in demand. 

Employers’ Attraction

Potential employers will always be attracted to applicants who have had the experience of studying abroad because this makes them more accepting of challenges that might come their way in professional capacity. The maturity and confidence that reflects on your resume will make employers keener on taking you on board. Studying abroad gives you the chance to polish critical thinking and problem-solving skills which every employer wants in their employees. It shows that you’re flexible and ready to take on challenges and risks without breaking a sweat. 

Meet a New You

Studying abroad also gives you a new perspective on life. While you understand other people, the question of why are people the way they are will often arise and soon enough you grow and learn to accept it instead of questioning and in while this happens you not only accept others but also accept yourself. You also get to see your native country in a new light. 

The personal development is massive and pretty noticeable. A lot of concepts and beliefs that you took for granted, you realize how they form your national identity and these experiences may prove to be the most fruitful towards a better new you. 

Make New Friends

This is pretty self-explanatory. You go out meet new people and interact with them, get to know them better and soon enough you make friends with them. The beauty of this whole experience is that you understand their differences yet accept them for who they are and vice versa. 


All of these experiences and occurrences do have a big impact in your life and play a vital role in shaping your future. Studying abroad could be difficult but also an eye-opener. You get to witness new things, people, life in general changes a lot while you learn and grow academically but the growth as an individual is exponential compared to that. It is highly advisable to go out to a foreign country to study. Never miss out on a chance like that.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Traveling And Living

Covid-19 has affected traveling and living in general for all countries. Yet every country has taken their own initiatives in dealing with the situations regarding the spread of Covid-19 and pandemic throughout the areas. A few countries have allowed the use of travel while several have denied the use of travel and initiated a complete lockdown scheme on their citizens and residents.

Adapting to this ‘New Normal’ has been one tough job for every one of us and travelling in these new circumstances is a bit of a hassle too with having to quarantine at arrival in one country and then landing back in your home country having to quarantine again. 

Travelling has become difficult because carrying face masks to sanitizers to living in constant fear of this deadly virus has got us all paranoid. Amid closed borders and travel restrictions, the overall travel industry came to a halt for a moment when the pandemic peaked. 

Now as most travel restrictions are being lifted, people are trying to adjust to this new normal and the travel industry is coming back to life. People are yearning to go to the beaches, the mountains and to just get on the roads, take a plane or a bus and get out of the place they’ve been stuck in since the pandemic first happened. 

Daily Life

1.   Lockdowns/Curfews:

The impact on the daily lives of people has also caused a lot of depression and crises placed on families and residents of each country. The United Arab Emirates had applied the rules of a curfew which indicated that residents are permitted to leave their respected residences only between the hours of 8 AM – 8 PM. 

2.   Police Patrolling:

Police patrol is always on the lookout for people breaking the curfew, even for emergency purposes it was required to access and approval from the government application to allow the individual to be excused from breaking the curfew. If an individual had been caught breaking the curfew this person will receive a fine of 3000 AED (Arab Emirati Dirham) directly on their ID card.  

3.   Work From Home:

Since not every person has work between those particular hours the contingencies made were either if it were so as necessary for the person to attend work for later hours, they be given a government approval. Other than that a bunch of major companies had started wherever it was applicable to assign a work from home status. Industries that had hit a major cutback from the pandemic included the Logistics-Shipping along with the Aviation industries. Suffering huge losses and causing big numbers of people being fired or reducing base salaries to a bare 50% of the initial. 

Traveling Abroad

Traveling not only depends on the country that you reside in but also factors in the country that you are traveling to. Initially you’ll have to check the rules that are required for one to leave the country, whether or not they’ll allow a flight back or not. Due to a lot of flights carrying the Covid-19 virus and many mutated variants of it, policies have been made to shut down airfields of return or completely shut off any sort of travel.

1.   Travel Restrictions:

A lot of countries now have allowed traveling, they require a few things. A PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test which is done by a nasal swab to detect covid in your DNA. Another thing required is the particular vaccinations applicable and permitted by the country that you are travelling to. Placing an example of traveling from the United Arab Emirates to the United States, it is required to show proof of a government stamped card along with government approved application that show you are currently vaccinated and the particular vaccine that you have received. 

2.   Vaccination:

The United Arab Emirates provides three vaccines that are Sinopharm, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Hayat. But that does not mean that the United States approves of all these vaccines, because they are only serving Sinopharm, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson

Therefore the approved vaccine of an individual travelling from the United Arab Emirates to the United States will be allowed to travel as long as a Negative (not detected) PCR Covid test has been attained along with a government approved vaccination card of the vaccines Sinopharm and Pfizer. 


While there are many travel restrictions with countries closing their borders, others put countries in categories i.e., which countries are safe to travel to, which are not so safe and some completely banned travelling to and from. This does not mean that this procedure is based for each and every country. The regulations for people traveling to Pakistan have a different course of action compared to the people traveling to the United States. For most of the time the people that have traveled to countries of the South Asian Subcontinent have been stuck due to closing of flights, the reason being the mutated variants of Covid-19. 

If the feasible conditions have been met of traveling to and back of the desired destination then the travel purpose may be recommended otherwise sit back and stay safe during the pandemic.

5 Reasons Why Young People Should Travel More

Taking some time off and going on any trip is a great opportunity for young individuals who want to learn and grow better. With a limited financial plan, school tasks, and numerous other things in the lives of young people, you would not find many individuals putting global trips on their priority list. There are numerous reasons why travelling at an early age is alluring and why one should do it, particularly if that hunger for something new can allow adventurous learning and life-changing experiences. 

If you are young and travel isn’t one of your goals for this age, here are 5 reasons you need to ponder upon:

You Rediscover Your  Life

We are living in a time when everybody thinks about themselves. The world spins around you, what you do, what you have accomplished or fizzled, and your aspirations. Living with such a psyche is risky. There is a great deal out there to experience and understand that your meaning of “world” is far from the reality. 

Individuals live distinctively across the globe. For you to understand the genuine significance of life, you should travel – and the chance is at its best when you are young. There are those individuals who live below the current norms of your “reality” definition. These people can give you motivation to make a decision and go ahead with whatever you have and make the most of your little accomplishment. Your perspective changes and you get to experience everything in a different way.

You Learn To Accept Challenges 

If you have at any point needed to skydive or bungee jump, the ideal opportunity to do this is on vacation, while adrenaline siphons through your body and powers your challenging choices. All things considered, is there no point in travelling if you make similar boring decisions? Stretching yourself to the apparent edge of your capacities is strengthening. Life changing, even. Try something that makes you nervous. It may wind up being the best choice you at any point made. You will learn how to take up challenges and how to deal with difficult situations.

Get To Experience New Cultures

It is anything but a pitiful truth that individuals rush to accept generalisations about different nations and their societies, particularly the negative ones. This is valid for Americans and their perspectives on abroad objections and lamentably, different nations can have negative impressions of Americans. At the point when you travel abroad, you have the chance to break this frequently endless loop. Show people of London that Americans are not uproarious or offensive, however are interested and amped up forever! Alternately, show your loved ones back home about individuals and their societies that you have found out about. Ingrain in them the very interest in contrasts and enthusiasm for similarities across societies that they may have never thought to consider. Keep a receptive outlook and an open heart and share constantly all that it intends to be a worldwide resident. 

It Increases Your Self-esteem 

Being away from your family and friends allows you to be a grown-up figure yourself! You make the decisions, you settle on a choice, you go where you need, you plan and numerous other things. Being out and about consistently is physically demanding. Strolling, climbing, conveying your possessions is a consistent day by day part of life. This turns out to be really difficult sometime down the road. During the young years, one has the smartest possible solution: young life and maturity. Your self confidence increases and you end up making better decisions for yourself.

Feeling Of Gratitude – You Value Your Life

As you travel, you will understand how valuable your life is. Following the normal, same old everyday practice, each day prompts pressure or more awful, misery. At the point when you begin travelling, you will see that the world is full of amazing people and things. What is more, you will be thankful for every one of the minutes you have had in your life. 

You don’t need to stand by until something important happens in your life to begin travelling. If you wait, you will end up regretting it later. Life has given you the energy, time and money to see the world. It is better to make a choice now so that you won’t end up regretting it later. 

“The World is your Oyster.”

Getting familiar with other cultures, languages and societies and how people in different countries live gives you a lot of knowledge and your perspective changes from time to time. You deserve to have wonderful experiences. Enjoy, live and love your life! 

4 Ways To Meet New People While Traveling

Meeting new people while traveling is easier said than done for alot of people. Whether extroverted or introverted by nature, the feeling of trying to talk to a stranger can be overwhelming since we are all conditioned to the stranger danger notion since childhood.

But we have great news, the averted upper lip and politely looking away wont work when you are traveling and is certainly not good for your travel health. Once you start practicing you will soon realize it’s the people along with the places you go to that makes it a rewarding experience. Here are some ways you could meet alot of new people and make friends while traveling:

1.Always stay in a hostel

Keep an open mind while traveling, although be wary of scammers but when it comes to other travelers like you, don’t judge the book by its cover. Everyone is in their sweatpants or shorts while traveling. As you travel more and more differences such as age, cultures, languages become more and more irrelevant when you meet people. There is always a chance that the next person you meet will be astoundingly interesting and would have a thing or two to teach you. Also, you will quickly learn where you can find interesting people in your area, such as bookshops, cafes, club etc etc.If you give them a chance to show themselves to you, well voila!! You are interesting too.

2. Our favourite word: FOOD

Sharing your plate of fries or freshly baked quesadilla are a sure fire way to get a conversation started. Just as animals such as cats socialize with us through food, man is a social animal too. Either its a hostel kitchen, or an airbnb you are sharing or a premium high class club you are staying at, sharing food helps you bond with others. Dining is a unique way to enjoy and get to know new people. If food isn;t your thing, try going to events, or yoga retreats or any activity that would put new people on your radar and you on theirs.

3.Learn basic language of the place

Its usually quite okay to get by through just english or an imaginative version of sign language while traveling but learning a phrase or two in the local language gets the door open. Not only does it help you get by but also makes the locals bond and more open to helping you find what you are looking for. Knowing the basics of a language will enable you to connect with locals and know more about a place apart from your regular backpacking crew. Technology can be put to great use in this regard. Some apps like the hostelworld app offers translations to connect with locals in over 43 languages.

4.Go with a travel group

Solo traveling is a drug of its own and as much as it’s fun. It kind of makes it difficult to meet new people if you are introverted. If you are traveling alone for a while, consider going on group tours for a few months or weeks. The friendships you develop while traveling in groups are beyond explanation. These bonds not only last for a very very long time but also share similar interests with you, so you have friends for your next trip.

Lastly, always be flexible with your plan. If you are open enough to try and ditch your plan of visiting some place to sit and have a conversation with a stranger, who knows what good that might bring you. Remember to not force any connection and you will not click with everyone. Approach people, let them approach you. Trust your gut, be careful and enjoy !!

4 Ways How Living Abroad Impacts Your Personal Growth

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the key to success. People relocate to study in the best universities in the world and to work in the most accomplished businesses around the globe leaving their comfortable life behind and embarking on the new. Why do they do that? Why do they move? What is it that cannot be achieved in their hometown? What traits can they acquire while living in a new land which could be otherwise missed? What is the thrill to be a guest in the exciting cities of the world until they embrace you? And how living abroad can have a great impact on your personality, mental and emotional health, and personal growth? Let’s dig deep into the possibilities of having an impactful life while living abroad.   

Living Abroad Gives You Self Clarity 

Living, working, and studying abroad gives you a clear understanding of yourself, stabilizes your mind, gives you the confidence to make clear and upright decisions regarding your personal and professional lives, and makes you mentally and emotionally strong. Social scientists have confirmed that international experiences mature creativity, boost the career success ratio, and give one a sense of self.  It gives a better and clear understanding of the world and broadens the perspective of the people who experience and live life in a foreign country. 

Gives You The Opportunities To Explore

Imagine yourself sitting in a classroom of a cosmopolitan city with fellows of different nationalities, languages, and cultures, and a chance to learn from them. Each of them is an endless opportunity for you to understand, comprehend, learn and befriend. Similarly, when you are a part of a team comprising different continents at work, you get an opportunity to absorb their language, their culture, the way they interact with each other, the way they make big decisions, the way they handle pressure, the way they become the leaders. They all are interesting chapters for you which you have a chance to explore in your life.

Living Abroad Gains You A Global Mindset 

A well-connected international community either at the university or the professional level is enough to gain exposure to the different cultures and unique lives of the people. It helps you to gain new language skills and adjust to the new working environment. Overall, the international work experience makes you a well-rounded person and helps you gain a global mindset which is to understand, comprehend and adapt to different cultural signals and become more effective in dealing with the people coming from a different social heritage of the world. 

A Road To Self-Discovery & Growth 

The extended foreign journeys answer the challenging questions of what we actually need in our life. What matters to us the most and the courage to pursue it. Wandering and living in a foreign country helps you find a sense of purpose in your life, in your work, and in your relationships, which you may be missing or struggling for long. It helps to reintegrate into your life which gives a direction, a motive, clarity of the path forward. It helps you to reconnect with your ambitions, your urges, and aspirations. It drives you to live more!

Moving abroad and living there is a big life decision. Leaving behind a routined life and venturing into the unknown world keeps people from achieving their dreams for life. And those who are courageous enough to step up and plunge into the exciting but obscure and risky foreign world are the ones who have the guts to dream, move ahead, and accomplish.

5 Tips For Best Road Trips

Many people like to fly to places nowadays that one might think, the classic american road trip was a thing of the past. This isn’t actually true. As more and more people are opting for buying a car the number of road trips are also increasing across America. 

Aside from the statistics, the lure of the road is undeniable and eternal. There is a richness in exploring the land inch by inch than climbing into a metal canister and climbing out at your destination. There are some essential things that everyone must do to make their unplanned or planned road trips fun. Here are some tips, read along:

1. Get plenty of sleep before driving

Worry about exhaustion before you begin the trip not after. Get at least 8 hours of sleep for two consecutive days before the road trip to build up energy reserves. It is usually best to start your trip early in the morning and not after a tiring day at work unless you plan to stop and stay the night somewhere. Take regular stops also try to avoid driving between 1-3pm as the body is naturally drowsy at that time.

2. Preload your phone with entertainment options

The days of good radio entertainment are over. Also, tapping into the radio is far less satisfying than it used to be. This means you need to set your phone to keep you entertained with music, podcasts and audiobooks throughout the journey. Keep a phone charger in your car to keep it powered up. If you are renting a car make sure you have the right technology for your devices.

3. Clean your car before the trip

Go ahead and leave your receipts from your last trip, chewing gum and napkins in your car now but you will be sorry later. In a few days when all the wrappers and the receipts will start sticking to your luggage and your gear. Making a car cleaning stop in the middle of the road is a sore moment for most, breaks the flow. As your trip proceeds, make sure you throw out undesirables into the bin.Even if you can tolerate some junk it will start to bother in the close quarter which are the highlights of a road trip.

4. Get serious about snacks

Entertainment options and snacks are the make or break of road trip. Just don’t go overboard on the junk and your body will thank you later. Loading up on unhealthy snacks can cause the trip to have some unplanned pit stops. Try to snack on protein bars, veggies with your favorite sauces and fruits. One great tip is to stop at a grocery store to get your lunch even if small towns have them, rather than a burger joint somewhere. Mcdonalds can be tempting but gotta keep the healthy up.

5. Have extra time

Having a planned road trip is a good thing but the best moments are formed during those unplanned stops. This extra time not only helps you get out and enjoy more but for exploring beyond your plan, your body will appreciate it. If you are traveling with kids, these stops will break the drive and help you manage their long sitting time.

LAst but not the least, spending long hours on the road can put your patience on the edge especially while traveling with little ones. Remember to always be respectful to the local people you encounter, dont litter and allow other cars to merge in the lane. Have fun on your road trip!! Tell us your favourite things to do on a road trip in the comments below

Why Traveling Abroad is Important for Young People

In high school and universities, all things considered, you will get some sort of consolation to travel, study or work abroad. It might seem like you have a great deal going on so you don’t genuinely think about these chances or perhaps you discount them since you plan on traveling further down the road. You should support traveling at whatever stage in life, yet the prior you can get familiar with the stuff travel shows the better. At the point when you are youthful and planning for your school and profession. The abilities and experience you acquire from traveling abroad can give you long-lasting and pleasant experiences.

In high school or university, you have the advantage of having adaptability since you can visit anywhere in the world and have some good observations and a break. It is an ideal chance to exploit your opportunity and youth. 

You’ll Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

As youngsters, a large portion of us has a lovely settled comfort zone. At home with mother and father, locally that has known you for most likely a decent piece of your life. You have your set up, companions, exercises, home bases, and potentially occupations. We become comfortable in these day-by-day jobs and breaking out of them can be unnerving and uncomfortable. 

The issue is, you get familiar with the most uncomfortable. In our everyday schedules, you realize acceptable behaviour and react to individuals and your environmental factors. Being in another country, with different people, who hold various qualities and think about existence in an unexpected way (or not all that distinctively you may discover) strips all that comfort away. 

It can be tough but once you sort out that you can interface with individuals despite contrasts, and you can explore unfamiliar conditions, you become a more intelligent, more able person. Embrace the discomfort. Quest for it, since it is encouraging you to develop. 

Traveling Builds Confidence

As you overcome the snags of sorting out some way to utilize public travel in an outside country or requesting simple things in a supermarket, you are building certainty and capacity to adjust in unfamiliar circumstances. You understand that you can get things done, regardless of the hindrances and unexpectedly the differences appear to be not so obstructive.

Development of Cultural Sensitivity 

Observing social qualities and standards isn’t just fascinating, however, it can assist us with understanding global issues and clashes, or even identify with the social standards of an unfamiliar companion. It is a significant ability to have the option to move points of view and see where another person is coming from. Social and cultural sensitivity will assist you with your correspondence on both business and individual levels. 

One Can Adapt to Globalization 

In our globalizing world, it is imperative to be socially in-touch and it isn’t bad to know an unknown dialect. In the business world, having lived abroad can give you a serious edge. Utilize the certainty and social affectability that traveling causes you to create and help it make you fruitful. 

You Can Dive Into Another Language 

Traveling abroad as a young person opens up a different universe of people you would now be able to interact with and comprehend that you couldn’t have ever found the opportunity to become more acquainted with. Living abroad is the most ideal approach to gain proficiency with another language since you are compelled to challenge and practice your abilities on a daily basis.

Limitless Opportunities To Network 

As a youthful soul, you will love to meet as many people on your trip as you can. It will make your time abroad more agreeable since local people know best! Besides, no one can tell when these relations will prove to be useful later on whether visiting each other for fun or something else 


You will adapt quite a lot more living abroad than from any course books. You will acquire genuine abilities through experience. You will normally begin to turn out to be more certain, autonomous, receptive, and tolerating. 

It Will Look Incredible On A Resume 

In this globalized world, organizations would much rather recruit workers who have worldwide experience. Undergraduates who accept the open door to study or to live abroad put themselves in front despite the competition.

7 Ways To Be A Green Traveler

According to an international team of researchers, the carbon footprint of the tourism industry has increased by 15% from the years 2009-2013 and is now contributing to about 8% of greenhouse gases emitted by anthropogenic activities. Moreover, this trillion-dollar industry is expected to grow with each passing year. Since completely avoiding travel is not an option, how can one compensate for the damage caused by unsustainable practices in the industry? Here are few small and responsible practices you can implement to be an eco-friendly tourist.

Travel Close To Home

Since aviation and transport is one of the main culprits of the ever growing, tourism related emissions. Therefore, while travelling for leisure, choose the destinations that  either lie within your home country or are close to it. In this way, you can avoid flying and opt for a railway or road trip. 

However, if you have to travel abroad for work trips or are very eager to explore forign lands, search for the airlines that are taking up responsibility as well as making amends for the damage caused by their aircrafts. 

Choose Environmentally Conscious Lodges 

Next time, while booking a hotel for a trip, make sure to check their website for a sustainability badge i.e. a certification provided by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council based on their usage of water, waste treatment, and energy sources etc. Call them ahead and inquire about their green efforts and eco-protective policies.

Alternatively, you should prefer airbnbs,homestay or small locally run hotels over mult-national hotel chains. In addition to being environment friendly, these are economically and socially sustainable.

Eco-friendly Holiday Providers

If you are hiring a service that does all the holiday bookings for you, then be clear of your interests in travelling responsibility.  Ask them about their green tourism policies and if they have a sustainability rating system in place?

Luckily, if they rate places based on their sustainability management, what is their verification system? Because oftentimes, these providers green-wash the business without fully verifying their compliance to standards set by sustainability councils.

Give Back By Volunteering

We are all equally responsible for restoring earth back to its natural state, irrespective of our nationalities. Therefore, while planning a trip, sign up as a volunteer for the conservation or protection authority.

For Example, many coastal regions now offer marine life preservation and restoration campaigns consisting of fun and informative activities. 

 By doing so, you can compensate for the carbon emissions from your trip to a certain location. Moreover, it is one of the few ways to pay your gratitude to the community that has been hosting you.

Eat and Shop Locally 

Supporting small local businesses is a financially and economically responsible decision as it will save you money as well as help the vendors. You get to taste the fully authentic flavours, discover new dishes, and engage with the community.

Instead of googling nearest Mcdonald’s outlet or the other food chains, visit a small roadside cafe or family restaurants. Interact with their owners or the other customers for some extra adventure. 

Bonus: Some Sustainable Travel Destinations

Another way to be an ally to the environment is to skip tourist destinations and visit off-beat locations committed to saving the planet. Here are a few locations you can travel to next:

Palau— Tourists have to sign an eco pledge

Hawaii—A ban on coral killings used for manufacturing cosmetics

Portugal— A country committed to positive tourism

Costa Rica— UNESCO protected nature

Bhutan— world’s only carbon negative country

These are a few ways you can witness the beauty of this planet without being a burden on it.

How To Travel Cheap In 2021

Hey, why dont you travel? The number one answer to this is usually because I don’t have the money. This is something every travel blogger or writer hears 20 times a day.You do not need to be rich to travel, yes. Let’s chant that till we get it right. While in the old days travel was something only the exquisitely rich did but with the rise of places like Airbnb and couchsurfing its much more affordable and within range for the common person. 

Traveling cheap is all about taking advantage of technology including apps and websites. Below are some ideas on traveling cheap before 2020 ends:

1.Find free accommodation

When it comes to traveling, ticket fare and accomodation are the biggest money culprits. Once you save on these the rest of the trip is like only a few dollars more. There are many services that connect travelers to locals who are willing to welcome them into their homes. Ideally, you cook a meal, take your host out for a drink or help them some other way around the house but if that doesn’t work. One of the famous cheap accommodation methods is couchsurfing and large dorms.


Hitchhiking is getting around the city for free. Many locals are willing to give you a ride as long as you are in their way. It’s safer and quite common in many parts around the world. Central America, Australia, Eastren Europe and New Zealand are one of the few. It has a bad reputation in some parts but nothing a bit of common sense and patience can’t fix. Be aware of the laws, keep your valuables on you, use a sign and look presentable.


Tight budget but really want to go somewhere? Consider a house sitting for someone while they go on their vacation. House sitting or pet sitting is the act of taking care of someone’s home or pets while they are away in exchange for living in their home.You can sign up on websites like trusted housesitters, home exchange and house carers etc. If luck is on your side, you will sometimes get a vehicle, a tip or free groceries even. May the force be with you!!

4.Teaching overseas

All you need is the ability to speak english fluently, a TEFL degree and you are good to go. If you have a university or college degree, you will be able to make more money although its not necessary in many countries. There are websites out there allowing virtual teaching, all you need is a wifi connection. Some of them are italki, VIPkid and Cambly.  

5.Get a job overseas

If you aren’t making enough money or worst of all, working at a job you hate. This is the perfect opportunity to travel and work overseas. There are plenty of options as long as you are not too picky. After all this is for you to travel and not a permanent career. Some options will include 

  1. Aupair
  2. Bartender
  3. Hostel worker
  4. Waitress
  5. Dive instructor
  6. Tour guide 

Between all these options gone are the days of expensive hotel stays and overpriced flights. A little planning, research and creativity can get hope around the world for almost free. It all starts with a little courage and mindset shit. Make the intention, plan and go. We wish you the best of luck for your next trip.

How to Become the World’s Savviest Traveler

You are not born the savviest traveler. Everybody makes a lot of travel mistakes in the beginning from missed trains to cultural unawareness, foolish behavior to lost baggage, packing extra to unnecessary expectations, and simply with time, you get smooth with your packing, scheduling flights, understanding the culture, and becoming a pro in traveling. That means that you are not born the savviest traveler. This is something you learn with on-the-road experience and some from the other’s experience. Let’s have a look at some amazing tips from the world’s savviest travelers that can help you spend less, enjoy more, sleep better, make the most of your trip and make you a better traveler than before. 

Pack light 

The key to decent packing is to pack half the clothes you think you need. And trust me you don’t need your favorite gown or power suit to make an impression on foreigners. A white tee, your favorite pair of jeans, and comfortable sneakers would do the job. And it would be fine if you wear the same shirt for a couple of days. Nobody would notice that! Just have a bag of around 40 liters, which is not more than a small backpack and you are good to go!

Give a visit to the local tourism office 

This is the most underrated traveling tip when it comes to saving time and money. A small visit to the tourism board would help you choose the best local attractions as all the entertainment and historical venues come under their supervision, you may ask them about free activities and nearby attractions in the town. The transport route and charges, the schedule of special events, the entry fee, they know every nook and cranny of the upcoming events, and can make your experience even better.

Keep money backup 

Whether it’s an ATM or a credit card, carry an extra with you in case of any unforeseen situation. Use such a card that doesn’t charge the foreign transaction fee. Restrict the use of cash. Your face will tell you are a tourist and keeping cash is risky especially in the money belts as it tells the stealers clearly that here I am putting the cash here. You may experience any unpleasant situation and having a backup in the form of an extra credit card would help you save the day. You won’t like borrowing money from people on a trip. So keeping a backup is a must. 

Get yourself a Travel insurance

You know that the medication could be really expensive in foreign land. And with the language barrier, unknown transport routes, amid unknown roads, it is difficult to get timely medical assistance in case of emergency and when you get there, it could seriously affect your traveling budget. So it’s important to keep yourself medically insured along the way and in the foreign land. Get in touch with your local insurance carrier and talk about the requirements of the country to visit. A medical or health insurance would cover you along the way until you land in your country. It;s a must for travel enthusiasts especially if you travel to multiple places in one go. 

Always be ready for surprises

A visit to the unknown can be thrilling and overwhelming. While you make rigorous planning for a tour, keep in mind that there may be some unpleasant surprises that may ruin your trip. The endless possibilities of a new land could be both pleasant or daunting. You may start your day with an amazing breakfast on a historical monument in Berlin, spend the day sightseeing, and get robbed in Paris later. This can even happen to anyone. It’s better to carry a handy first aid kit, a small flashlight, and multipurpose gears with you in case of any emergency. Learn the non-verbal language to communicate with people anywhere around the globe. Keep extra cash and be optimistic but prepared for anything that comes your way. 

Traveling around the world is exciting. It gives you the luxury to experience new cultures, people, and thrilling attractions. We expect to enjoy our time and make memories but insufficient planning can lead to otherwise. 

10 Little Things To Pack In Your Travel Backpack

Packing can be the worst thing about travelling: yet we’ve made it look somewhat less stressful for you and made a list of little things that most of us forget to pack. Got a major trip coming up? Utilize this extreme manual for helping you and remember valuable essentials you have to purchase for your travel whether it’s shower gel, socks, garments or glasses. Knowing how to pack a bag for a long outing is not simple. However, make a list like this and tick off everything as you go. Obviously, it truly relies upon the fact that what kind of trip it is whether it’s traveling a mountain, or between railing Europe, so we’ve attempted to incorporate things that oblige each sort of trip!

This guide will likewise work for bags for air travel as well, not simply backpacks. Happy travelling!


Remember to pack your EU connectors! It saves you from getting one in the air terminal and they can be pretty costly. On Amazon, you can purchase a two pack of EU Adapters at a very cheap price. Two connectors ought to be sufficient for your movements so you can charge your PC, telephone, camera, hair appliances.

2-      SOCKS

Socks are significant in light of the fact that they will shield your feet from scouring against your shoes when you do lots of walking. We suggest packing thick socks in case you’re heading off to some place cold and lower leg socks for when you’ll be wearing trainers around the city.


Carry a water bottle always to remain hydrated out and about. Most travel bags have a water bottle compartment so it’s anything but difficult to reach at when you’re walking near. Not exclusively are reusable water bottles better for the climate but on the other hand they’re an extraordinary way to set aside cash with the goal that you don’t need to continue purchasing more.


Bring necessary hair items so that you do not have to worry about anything. To limit the toiletries you pack, we’d suggest bringing a hairbrush and some dry shampoo (or hair gel) so as to set aside space for different things like perfumes and toothpaste. On the off chance that you have enough space, a curler or straighteners are a pleasant thing to have however in particular if you need them.


It’s in every case great to have some medications packed to avoid any inconvenience. Painkillers or hypersensitivity tablets will prove to be useful for migraines, muscle throbs, stomach hurts – so keep some on you simply incase.

6-      Glasses

For the individuals who need to wear glasses. You need to really have the option to SEE when you’re travelling. Or on the other hand what’s the point? Put this on your checklist now in case you’re somebody who wears glasses, just to truly ensure you remember.

7-      TRAINERS

You will have to walk around a city A LOT. Flip flops are extraordinary for more relaxed day, however trainers will save you. Ensure that you break them in first in the event that you purchase another pair of trainers for your trip. There’s nothing more terrible than a blister when walking around a city.

8-      SNACKS

Pack a couple of little snacks that will fit in your bag and give you a little taste of home. Take two or three parcels of your preferred bread rolls or chocolate bar – we’re certain you’ll truly express gratitude toward yourself when you’re wanting a bit of what you’re used to. Simply ensure you pack snacks that won’t expire fast so you can enjoy them as long as you want to.


With regards to deodorants, we generally suggest taking 2,3 with you as they are small and can be packed easily. They won’t take a lot of space in your bag so that is a plus point.

10-   CAMERA

And, last however not the least, If you will forget this, you’ll regret it forever. These days however, the cell phone camera is of great quality, enough to click extraordinary shots so if you are planning to pack less, your phone camera will be enough.

These are things that we sometimes forget to pack so make sure you do not forget them while packing for your next trip.

Traveling to the Desert? Make Sure to Pack These Things

When it comes to traveling and exploring the world, you may want to consider going to a desert. The world is filled with some scenic, beautiful deserts in different parts of the land. From Australian outback to the Sahara and of course, New Mexico as well. 

Including a desert in your traveling checklist is important. For any traveler, it is important that you see all sorts of environments and witness the challenges. For instance, in case you didn’t know, you can definitely try out desert hiking when on a trip to explore a desert. 

What is desert hiking?

For those who are not experienced in hiking, you might want to sit this one out. Desert hiking is one of the most challenging experiences for a hiker. But with challenge comes beauty and desert hiking is a beautiful experience. Hikers witness a different zone when they are exploring the dramatic landscapes in this challenging way. You witness a peaceful silence that unites the sun and the sand together. Not to forget, the wildlife you get to see while on the way to the top is just breathtaking. 

Desert hiking is just one of the many things you get to do when you choose to travel to a desert. In case you have made your mind on choosing a desert as your next traveling location, here we present you with a list of items you need to travel with.

1.     You need a neck wallet

When it comes to keeping your important, valuable items organized and secure, a neck wallet is something you need to invest in. This wallet can house your keys, map, wallet and your smartphone. It will tuck away your items in a safe manner and wrap it around your neck in a non-dangerous way. You do not have to be distracted by the fear of losing your possessions while desert hiking or trekking.

2.     Buy a camelbak hydration pack

When it comes to exploration on foot, you need to ensure that you are hydrated at all times. This is why you need to get a camelbak hydration pack. It allows you to remain hydrated while you are roaming the hottest places on the earth. It is handy and is not too heavy – it goes around the back and whenever you are thirsty, you can just take a sip and it stays in its proper position.

3.     Don’t forget your packing cubes

You need packing cubes so you can avoid taking items more than you actually require. Also, these items allow you to keep yourself organized as well. For instance, a packing cube can help you with your shoes, whereas the other one can be useful for socks. Using packing cubes makes your trip a lot easier and organized.

4.     You thought you won’t need camping gear and a tent?

Where would you stay if you don’t have a tent on your desert trip? Of course, you need somewhere to sleep and rest. In this case, mesh panels and a breezy tent is the best option for you. The tent can house up to 2 individuals and is pretty comfortable as well. You need other camping essentials such as sticks to make sure you do not have any troubles sleeping and resting. Don’t forget to get a blanket and a tarp as well. Finally, insect repelling bands and sprays are also a must-include in the camping gear.

5.     Never go without a medicine/first-aid box

When you are being adventurous, make sure you prepare yourself for all sorts of falls and injuries. In this case, you need to keep a medicine/first-aid box. The box needs to have all sorts of medicines, such antiseptics and Band-Aids. You also need your regular medicines (if prescribed) and painkillers as well.

6.     Get the S Square – Sunscreen and Sandals 

You do not want to have sunburns and you do not want to have painful feelings. These two items are a must-have when going to desert tripping. 

With this list, you will surely have a really nice and enjoyable trip to the desert!

The museum of the world’s most disgusting foods opens in Sweden

In Sweden, a very particular museum has opened, entirely dedicated to the most extreme foods consumed in the world, with a touch of Italy too.

The world of cooking is definitely varied. In Italy we make our tradition a real pride, with good reason, and over the centuries we have spread our recipes and local products everywhere. Anyone who has traveled a bit, with the aim of really knowing the places visited, will have realized the huge differences, from country to country, in terms of culinary habits.

The more you move from home, the more difficult it is to be able to adapt to foreign menus, except perhaps from the United States, so globalized that it offers relatively few autochthonous foods that can put a tourist’s palate to the test.

From difficult foods to swallow down to really impossible ones, unless they are part of their own tradition, and therefore you eat them from an early age. In Sweden, to be precise in Malmo, they thought that the culinary oddities from the world deserved the right space in a real museum.

It is the first, and perhaps last, facility dedicated to disgusting foods. It will be possible to view repulsive products from all over the world. The sense of disgust obviously depends on the latitude of one’s home country. What for some is a delicacy, for others it would turn the stomach upside down.

Just think of the rotten shark, which in Iceland is considered a dish for great connoisseurs, reserved for the most refined palates. The same can be said of the durian fruit, which is widespread in Southeast Asia. Its smell is so strong and pungent that the government has banned its transportation on public transport. The list is decidedly long, and in the corridors of the museum you can also find the roasted guinea pig, much loved in Peru, the raw ox penis and the fermented herring, which are crazy in Sweden.

Also a touch of Italy in Malmo, with the Sardinian cheese casu fràzigu, or casu marzu, which fits perfectly on the list of foods at the limit, being colonized by the larvae of the cheese fly.

Travel tips for vegans

Starting and following one’s diet perfectly is not an easy thing. To do it if you are vegan is much more difficult. Here are some useful travel tips.

Following a vegan diet is not something simple, even in your city, where it is easy to research and regularly shop without animal derivatives. In this sense, living in a small village certainly does not help, but it is also possible to have certain products shipped, at an additional cost.

A life that is not easy, that’s for sure, which becomes even more complicated when trying to organize a vegan holiday, without particular points of reference in the selected location. Today the locals are updating their menus, going to counter those once rampant preconceptions. Before flying, however, it is good to prepare for a ‘battle plan’, above all to compensate for any linguistic limits, which could lead to errors when ordering.

In this sense, technology comes to the rescue, with the Happy Cow app specifically offering an always updated list of ‘vegan friendly’ places. From supermarkets to cafes, passing through restaurants and pubs. The entire globe is certainly not covered, but every tourist route (and some less known) is covered without too much trouble.

Relying on places and their menus can be a risk, especially in places such as Asia, where it is more complex to get to grips with the local language. Whether you have chosen to book a hotel room or an apartment on Airbnb and the like, we recommend that you shop for the day, so you always know what you are buying, attending local markets. In this way it will also be possible to contain expenses.

Returning to the world of apps and technology, it is always good to have a translator, so you can browse the lists of foods offered in clubs, supermarkets and local markets. It will also be more convenient to check those dubious foods, which could contain animal derivatives inside them. By reading and translating the specifications on the back, it will be impossible to take unnecessary risks.

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