5 Tips For Best Road Trips

Many people like to fly to places nowadays that one might think, the classic american road trip was a thing of the past. This isn’t actually true. As more and more people are opting for buying a car the number of road trips are also increasing across America. 

Aside from the statistics, the lure of the road is undeniable and eternal. There is a richness in exploring the land inch by inch than climbing into a metal canister and climbing out at your destination. There are some essential things that everyone must do to make their unplanned or planned road trips fun. Here are some tips, read along:

1. Get plenty of sleep before driving

Worry about exhaustion before you begin the trip not after. Get at least 8 hours of sleep for two consecutive days before the road trip to build up energy reserves. It is usually best to start your trip early in the morning and not after a tiring day at work unless you plan to stop and stay the night somewhere. Take regular stops also try to avoid driving between 1-3pm as the body is naturally drowsy at that time.

2. Preload your phone with entertainment options

The days of good radio entertainment are over. Also, tapping into the radio is far less satisfying than it used to be. This means you need to set your phone to keep you entertained with music, podcasts and audiobooks throughout the journey. Keep a phone charger in your car to keep it powered up. If you are renting a car make sure you have the right technology for your devices.

3. Clean your car before the trip

Go ahead and leave your receipts from your last trip, chewing gum and napkins in your car now but you will be sorry later. In a few days when all the wrappers and the receipts will start sticking to your luggage and your gear. Making a car cleaning stop in the middle of the road is a sore moment for most, breaks the flow. As your trip proceeds, make sure you throw out undesirables into the bin.Even if you can tolerate some junk it will start to bother in the close quarter which are the highlights of a road trip.

4. Get serious about snacks

Entertainment options and snacks are the make or break of road trip. Just don’t go overboard on the junk and your body will thank you later. Loading up on unhealthy snacks can cause the trip to have some unplanned pit stops. Try to snack on protein bars, veggies with your favorite sauces and fruits. One great tip is to stop at a grocery store to get your lunch even if small towns have them, rather than a burger joint somewhere. Mcdonalds can be tempting but gotta keep the healthy up.

5. Have extra time

Having a planned road trip is a good thing but the best moments are formed during those unplanned stops. This extra time not only helps you get out and enjoy more but for exploring beyond your plan, your body will appreciate it. If you are traveling with kids, these stops will break the drive and help you manage their long sitting time.

LAst but not the least, spending long hours on the road can put your patience on the edge especially while traveling with little ones. Remember to always be respectful to the local people you encounter, dont litter and allow other cars to merge in the lane. Have fun on your road trip!! Tell us your favourite things to do on a road trip in the comments below

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