6 European Beaches You Should Give A Try

You kick off your slippers and open the parasol. Quickly take off your t-shirt, because you can already hear the murmuring call of the sea. Time for a first dive! Then dry in the sun. What a hard life we ​​have… Everyone loves it: the beach! In all sizes: large, wide, small, narrow and in all colors: white, yellow, brown and… black! Don’t know (yet) which beach in Europe? To get you in the mood and give you a helping hand, we have listed the 6 most beautiful beaches in Europe for you.

1.       Zlatni Rat (Croatia)

The Golden Horn of Croatia is one of the most unique beaches in the world. Due to the current, wind and waves, the golden-yellow pebble beach changes shape continuously and it is also always windless on one side of the island. Is it getting too hot? Then take a dip in the clear, azure blue sea water. There is no shortage of shade, because the many pine trees at the foot of the beach offer enough shade. Zlatni Rat is a perfect beach to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, at the same time there are plenty of water sports options for the active beach goers among us.

2.       Plage de Saleccia (Corsica)

Found it! A hidden beach gem in the north of Corsica: a kilometer of fine sandy beach, crystal clear, calmly lapping sea water and dunes with the marquis bushes typical of Corsica. It is a pleasure to enjoy nothing here but the rhythmic murmur of the sea and the soft sound of the wind. If you are looking for a quiet, spacious, untouched beach, Plage de Saleccia is definitely in the right place. However, you first have to take a long car ride for that, because the beach is difficult to reach. But that route leads through beautiful, unspoilt, Corsican nature, that is.

3.       Navagio Beach (Greece)

Greece’s beauty is Navagio Beach on Zakynthos which you would find a perfect place for taking your nature aesthetic pictures. A genuine paradise is hidden amid towering and steep granite cliffs. Snow-white beach, pure blue sea, and a picturesque setting combine to create an amazing and welcoming resort. Today, the beautiful bay is literally overrun by tourists, as Navagio Beach is only accessible by boat. In the past, smugglers made good use of this. The stranded shipwreck and the nickname ‘Smugglers Cove’ are reminders of these days gone by. Tip: avoid the crowds and enjoy a magnificent view from above.

4.       Luskentyre – Isle of Harris (Scotland)

Okay, this is not a beach for sunbathing, because even in summer the mercury doesn’t reach a pleasant temperature. But, nevertheless, we do not want to withhold from you Luskentyre Beach, because this beach is beautiful and well worth a visit. The coastline is so wide and wide, and the clear, blue sea just doesn’t seem to get any deeper. Further offshore are small rocky islands bobbing in the sea, reminiscent of the Scottish landscape. The combination of the soft yellow sand and subtle, beautiful sea on one side and the wide, wild Scottish landscape on the other is unique, which is why Luskentyre Beach is definitely in our top 6.

5.       Reynisfjara Beach (Iceland)

Reynisfjara Beach is proof that a beach doesn’t have to be tropical to be beautiful. The imposing basalt columns guard the black coastline, where the waves of the Atlantic roar. Legend has it that the basalt columns were once trolls who tried to drag ships from the sea onto land. Once the tide suddenly came and the trolls were not back on land in time. The flood overtook them and turned the trolls into hard stones. Today Reynisfjara Beach is known as the most beautiful beach in Iceland. Rightly so. There is no other beach like Reynisfjara, where nature has created such a mighty and rugged headland as here.

6.       Ksamil Beach (Albania)

Beach in Albania? Of course! You may not expect it, but Albania also has a real Riviera. And why not, the sea is beautiful, the beaches inviting and the surroundings beautiful. Ksamil Beach in the south of Albania definitely belongs on this list. This unique beach is surrounded by greenery and several islands. An island is within swimming distance of the coast, where you can recover from your swim. Take a look back every now and then and enjoy the beautiful view of the Albanian coast. Back on land you can then take in the magnificence of the beach.

Bottom Line

Europe is beautiful. You will find the most beautiful bays here, where you can relax. Also, as on the other Canary Islands, there are elongated, lively coastlines with restaurants and bars within easy reach. And last but not least: Europe also offers places where you go especially to admire its beauty.

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