Things to Keep in Mind Before Booking a Hotel Room for an International Trip

As exciting as it is to plan a trip abroad with family, friends, or even solo, there are numerous things to plan beforehand. One of those things is deciding the right hotel for the duration of your stay.

A good hotel will provide all necessary amenities, access to nearby lounges, malls, cinemas, restaurants, parks, cafes, etc. CEO of Blade Urban Air Mobility, Rob Wiesenthal, believes that planning plays a vital role in ensuring that your trip is a fun and successful one. Getting stuck at the wrong hotel may just be enough reason for a terrible trip, but there is no reason to fret!

We have combined a list of things you should consider when selecting a hotel that enhances your experience and makes your trip a memorable one.

1. Pick an Accessible Location

While it is indeed important to book a resort that you can get to without much hassle, it is equally important to find a hotel that provides you access to nearby facilities.

If you are stuck on the outskirts of a city or in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest hospital or airport, you may not have the grandest of times. After all, it is perfectly normal to fall sick in the first few days of travel due to jet lag, or food poisoning, etc.

Travelling to a new place can come with all sorts of issues but so long as you have access to a hospital and other important locations, you should be fine. A hotel that does not provide you access to the local police station, hospital, restaurants, etc., can really sour your travelling experience.

We recommend always doing a quick Google search and assessing the location of hotels in the city. If your itinerary has been finalized, then it is better to pick a hotel that is centrally located and easily accessible from the airport.

Make sure that interesting locations and tourist attractions are in proximity to the hotel, especially if you are travelling with children. You can also print or purchase a copy of the town’s map and plan your day’s adventures ahead so you can save on time and travelling expenses.

2. Plan According to Budget

When you are going abroad for a vacation, you want to pamper yourself and stay at the nicest destinations, overlooking the starry sky and the cerulean ocean. However, that may not always be possible, especially if you are travelling on a budget.

We cannot all travel and live like celebrities, so you may want to budget and plan to avoid any inconveniences. Consider your pocket when booking the right resort and ask yourself if you would be able to afford the room for as long as you plan to stay there and whether it means you would have to skip on adventures and experiences.

This certainly does not mean that you should ever compromise on important facilities and amenities. With a little research, you can find a place that is well within your budget and also includes value added services such as laundry, room service, complimentary drinks, etc.

3. Always Compare

The internet has many advantages and with just a few taps you can compare hotels, price packages, availability of amenities, location, and views, etc., between your hotel options.

We recommend making maximum use of applications and online platforms that provide detailed reviews and critiques by previous guests. You can get a fair idea of what to expect, the various pros and cons of staying at certain resorts, and where you can find the best value for your money.

You can even post questions on various online forums where others can leave useful advice or upload pictures to give you a taste of what to expect.

4. Amenities, Hygiene, and Safety Considerations

All hotels are safe for visitors, but it is still advised to be cautious when you are travelling alone in a foreign country. It is important to check if your rooms are couple-friendly or not and if you are travelling with family, check if the number of people can be easily accommodated in the rooms provided.

Necessary amenities such as toiletries, kettles, blankets, pillows, duvet covers, phone lines, air conditioning or heating systems, Wi-Fi, etc., are a significant part of the hotel package. These are the basic minimum facilities every hotel should provide so that your trip goes smoothly.

Check review websites and online sources for people’s experiences and whether the hotel hygiene levels were up to mark. People often post pictures of their rooms to show any flaws or even additional compliments by the hotel staff.

5. Access to Public Transportation

When picking the right hotel for your trip abroad, select one that provides easy access to bus stations, railways stations, airports, subways, etc. Having public transport close to you is essential if you are planning on exploring and adventuring around town. More importantly, it provides access to other facilities nearby such as malls, pharmacies, tourist attractions, etc. 

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