Travel tips for vegans

Starting and following one’s diet perfectly is not an easy thing. To do it if you are vegan is much more difficult. Here are some useful travel tips.

Following a vegan diet is not something simple, even in your city, where it is easy to research and regularly shop without animal derivatives. In this sense, living in a small village certainly does not help, but it is also possible to have certain products shipped, at an additional cost.

A life that is not easy, that’s for sure, which becomes even more complicated when trying to organize a vegan holiday, without particular points of reference in the selected location. Today the locals are updating their menus, going to counter those once rampant preconceptions. Before flying, however, it is good to prepare for a ‘battle plan’, above all to compensate for any linguistic limits, which could lead to errors when ordering.

In this sense, technology comes to the rescue, with the Happy Cow app specifically offering an always updated list of ‘vegan friendly’ places. From supermarkets to cafes, passing through restaurants and pubs. The entire globe is certainly not covered, but every tourist route (and some less known) is covered without too much trouble.

Relying on places and their menus can be a risk, especially in places such as Asia, where it is more complex to get to grips with the local language. Whether you have chosen to book a hotel room or an apartment on Airbnb and the like, we recommend that you shop for the day, so you always know what you are buying, attending local markets. In this way it will also be possible to contain expenses.

Returning to the world of apps and technology, it is always good to have a translator, so you can browse the lists of foods offered in clubs, supermarkets and local markets. It will also be more convenient to check those dubious foods, which could contain animal derivatives inside them. By reading and translating the specifications on the back, it will be impossible to take unnecessary risks.

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