Traveling to the Desert? Make Sure to Pack These Things

When it comes to traveling and exploring the world, you may want to consider going to a desert. The world is filled with some scenic, beautiful deserts in different parts of the land. From Australian outback to the Sahara and of course, New Mexico as well. 

Including a desert in your traveling checklist is important. For any traveler, it is important that you see all sorts of environments and witness the challenges. For instance, in case you didn’t know, you can definitely try out desert hiking when on a trip to explore a desert. 

What is desert hiking?

For those who are not experienced in hiking, you might want to sit this one out. Desert hiking is one of the most challenging experiences for a hiker. But with challenge comes beauty and desert hiking is a beautiful experience. Hikers witness a different zone when they are exploring the dramatic landscapes in this challenging way. You witness a peaceful silence that unites the sun and the sand together. Not to forget, the wildlife you get to see while on the way to the top is just breathtaking. 

Desert hiking is just one of the many things you get to do when you choose to travel to a desert. In case you have made your mind on choosing a desert as your next traveling location, here we present you with a list of items you need to travel with.

1.     You need a neck wallet

When it comes to keeping your important, valuable items organized and secure, a neck wallet is something you need to invest in. This wallet can house your keys, map, wallet and your smartphone. It will tuck away your items in a safe manner and wrap it around your neck in a non-dangerous way. You do not have to be distracted by the fear of losing your possessions while desert hiking or trekking.

2.     Buy a camelbak hydration pack

When it comes to exploration on foot, you need to ensure that you are hydrated at all times. This is why you need to get a camelbak hydration pack. It allows you to remain hydrated while you are roaming the hottest places on the earth. It is handy and is not too heavy – it goes around the back and whenever you are thirsty, you can just take a sip and it stays in its proper position.

3.     Don’t forget your packing cubes

You need packing cubes so you can avoid taking items more than you actually require. Also, these items allow you to keep yourself organized as well. For instance, a packing cube can help you with your shoes, whereas the other one can be useful for socks. Using packing cubes makes your trip a lot easier and organized.

4.     You thought you won’t need camping gear and a tent?

Where would you stay if you don’t have a tent on your desert trip? Of course, you need somewhere to sleep and rest. In this case, mesh panels and a breezy tent is the best option for you. The tent can house up to 2 individuals and is pretty comfortable as well. You need other camping essentials such as sticks to make sure you do not have any troubles sleeping and resting. Don’t forget to get a blanket and a tarp as well. Finally, insect repelling bands and sprays are also a must-include in the camping gear.

5.     Never go without a medicine/first-aid box

When you are being adventurous, make sure you prepare yourself for all sorts of falls and injuries. In this case, you need to keep a medicine/first-aid box. The box needs to have all sorts of medicines, such antiseptics and Band-Aids. You also need your regular medicines (if prescribed) and painkillers as well.

6.     Get the S Square – Sunscreen and Sandals 

You do not want to have sunburns and you do not want to have painful feelings. These two items are a must-have when going to desert tripping. 

With this list, you will surely have a really nice and enjoyable trip to the desert!

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